Every Door Direct Mail

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?


Every Door Direct Mail is the process by which the United States Postal Services allows for certain size mail pieces (FLATS) to get delivered to every mail box on a particular route.  

The easiest way to explain EDDM is to tell you that every mail carrier has particular route they travel every day delivering mail to your mailbox.  A route can consist of as little as 200 mailboxes on up to 1000+  mailboxes.  

The EDDM piece is given to drivers of particular routes selected by you as an additional piece that he places into each mailbox along his route.  This is why you don't need personalized names on the addressed mail piece.

There are some rules around EDDM that must be met in order to qualify:

1.  You must mail to every house on a selected route.  Meaning: If you target a certain neighborhood around your business and the route/s you selected have 580 mailboxes, you must deliver 580 printed pieces and pay the postage for 580 pieces.   Route Selection can be made at usps.com/eddm

2.  You must meet the "Flats Size" requirements for the mail piece.  If you need additional help determining sizes please click on the "Flat Size" link or call Eagle & Wheeler for assistance.  940.387.6161

How to start your first Every Door Direct Mail campaign with Eagle & Wheeler:

1.  First determine what type of message you want to send to your local customer base.  Coupons, menus, brand awareness pieces, etc... If you need assistance Eagle & Wheeler's award-winning graphic artists can design it for you.  After a brief conversation with our team we can help determine the look and feel as well as craft a killer call to action. 

2.  Determine what size you want your printed piece to be.  The most popular sizes are as follows:  4.25 x 11 - 6.25 x 9 - 6.25 x 11 - and 8.5 x 11

3.  Next, we must determine what areas you want to target.  If you have particular neightborhoods, cites, or even an address to search by then it is all possible.  This will tell you how many houses/mailboxes are available in that area.

4.  Every Door Direct Mail allows you to select residential addresses only or both residential and commercial.  If you have a restaurant or catering business you want businesses to also receive your mailer.  If you own a fencing business you might want only residential homes to receive your mailer.  The choice is yours.

5.  Now that we know the message you want sent, the size of the mailer you want mailed, and the number of homes you want to reach, Eagle & Wheeler can quote you a full-turn key solution. 

You can upload artwork via our website or we can create it for you.  We will send you an electronic proof that you must approve before we can print.  Changes and updates can be made at this time.  Once you feel the mailer is perfect, we'll send it to press. 

Typical EDDM can be completed in less than 3 days. That means if you accept your proof on a Monday - your piece is in the hands of your customers by Friday.  If you mailed coupons or discounts you can easily track how many people responded by having them bring in the piece to receive the discount. 

At Eagle & Wheeler, we can put economical plans together for 3, 6, 9, and 12 month programs. One flat fee per month means you can mail to the same audience once a month or even hit different areas.  All you do is tell us how you want the message adjusted and we do the rest.  All that's left then, is for you to sit back and watch the new customers roll into your business.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call our friendly sales team - 940.387.6161 and ask to speak to someone about Every Door Direct Mail

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