Media Guidelines

1. RESOLUTION. All photos and other art should be 300dpi at 100% of final print size to
ensure that they print clearly. Anything lower than this may result in blurry, bit-mapped or
pixelated quality. Be careful about using images that are copied or saved from the Web.
These images are usually low resolution and may violate someone’s copyright.

2. COLOR. All photos and artwork should be provided in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
& Black). CMYK is the industry standard color space for full-color commercial printing.
There are also Pantone Colors for “spot color” printing (such as 2-color printing).

3. BLEED. All camera-ready artwork should include bleed. Bleed is
when anything is to print to the very edges of the finished product:
a line, photo, illustration, background, etc. that will “run off the edge”
of the paper. Whatever you want to bleed must be positioned PAST
the document edges where you want it to bleed. This is due to
minor variations in printing, trimming, folding, etc. to ensure that
there is no exposed paper on the edge(s). The industry standard is
0.125” (1/8”) past the document edge.

4. FONTS. All fonts should be outlined. Many design programs, including Adobe Illustrator
& InDesign, have a method of turning the type fonts into objects, so they are no longer a
type font. Obviously you will need to make a copy of the digital file first, as the typesetting
will no longer be editable. This method will eliminate any possibility of a font problem
without losing any quality.

5. SUPPORTED FILES. Photos should be provided in .jpg, .tif or .psd formats (CMYK and
300dpi at 100% of final print size). Camera-ready artwork is best provided in a .pdf format
(Adobe PDF Preset set to Press Quality). We also accept native files, such as InDesign or
Illustrator, with fonts outlined and images provided. Word files are acceptable, but errors
may occur with images, fonts and formatting.
Crop marks are not necessary on PDF files, instead,
make sure the PDF reflects the finished size of the document.
Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions

6.  Accepted File Extensions - pdf, jpg, jpeg, eps, doc, docx, png, tif, tiff, txt, zip, xls, xlsx, pub, pptx, ppt, rtf, bmp, psd, ai, indd, csv, gif, ttf, of, ps



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